the "Brac"

"Simply Relaxing"

The view of the sunset off of our porch

The Brac is peaceful. It's quiet. It's tranquil. You can't rent a Jet Ski or go para sailing. There are no fast food restaurants or movie theaters. It is just an island community living a peaceful and honest life style. They do have all the conveniences a community should, like a hospital, a high school, middle school and several grade schools. It has a well-equipped fire and rescue department and a modern airport. What they don't have is cruise ships dumping load after load of people to clog the streets or major hotels hosting conventions.

Brac'ers are a proud and honest people where they say, "crime is not allowed." And they say it in English.

Visitors are more than welcome to come and immerse themselves in the beautiful turquoise waters as well as the Brac lifestyle. You may explore the many caves, hike endless nature trails or see the spectacular panoramic view of the Caribbean Sea from the bluff.

There are lots of shops to browse and a museum to learn the culture and history of these sea hardened sensitive people and their endearing island. If that's not enough there are endless beaches to scour for those special shells and to view the sun setting into the sea at the end of each day either from the beach or from one of the many un-crowned island style restaurants.

The waters are also teeming with fish to catch. Try the deep waters with a guide for a world record catch or fish from shore for sport or dinner.

The Brac is an island of it's own. So come and enjoy a peaceful adventure.

CAUTION: The Brac can be habit forming. Return visits may be required. You may even decide to become a Brac'er. So visit at your own risk!!!!!